Itinerary C


The route from the visitors’ centre of Torre dei Guardiani to Canale del Pidocchio departs from the centre along the road called “La Ferrata”. The landscape here is chiefly dedicated to the cultivation of almond groves and cereal crops. Once past the crossroads, the road runs along side the Masseria Jazzo Rosso and becomes a dirt track, continuing between ancient dry stone walls into pleasant rural and historic scenery. The land here reveals remnants of the agricultural divisions established in the period of the large estates. Each division is of rectangular format and delimited by dry stone walls. The remains of small stone buildings constructed to store hay can also be seen. Channels in the bedrock and ancient stone terracing lend the landscape a unique atmosphere. Ancient tracks, known as ‘carrari’ connected the various farms. The road surface was often bare rock or well-tamped stone. Today, most of these connecting tracks are disrupted by other activities and have fallen into disuse. However, at a certain point along the main track is a beautiful small bridge, constructed in dry stone and which offers a delightful view over the “Canale del Pidocchio”.

By train – the route begins at the railway station of Ruvo di Puglia which is situated on the southern side of the town. By road – exit the A14 autostrada at Trani and take the SP238 in the direction of Corato/Ruvo di Puglia/ Gravina in Puglia/ Altamura. By air – the nearest airport is Bari Palese.

All year, except for the hottest months of July and August.

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