Itinerary D


The route “Corato railway station to the Necropolis of S. Magno” is along a completely asphalted road. A short distance within the town limits soon develops into a country road, the S.P. 19, which is normally very quiet. However, in order to provide an increased level of safety, the cycle route leaves the S.P. 19 at the junction for the sanctuary of “Madonna delle Grazie”, and runs parallel with the former along a smaller road called “Monte Cotugno”, until it rejoins the main road at Pedale. The landscape is of a hybrid quality, characterised by small cultivations of olives or almond trees, among which are interspersed small dwellings which are used as second homes. As the route approaches the National Park, near S. Magno, the surroundings change quite dramatically. Here the route passes through the coppiced woods of Serra Stracciacappello and the coniferous woods of Serra Cecibizzo and Cornacchiello. The route then arrives in the locality of S.Magno, which is home to many interesting examples of ancient rural architecture, archaeology and natural features.

By road – exit the A14 autostrada at Trani and take the SP238 in the direction of Corato/Ruvo di Puglia/ Gravina in P. / Altamura. By air – the nearest airport is Bari Palese.

All year, except for the hottest months of July and August.

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