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The route “Chiesetta Neviera di S.Magno to Serra Cecibizzo” begins at a point between the church of San Magno (where there is also a snow storage facility) located in a “masseria” dating from 1812 and a large and ancient oak tree which is a symbol of the area. The route continues for about 200 metres along the San Magno road until it meets a crossroads
with an ancient “tratturo” which is bordered by a dry stone wall. The “tratturo” runs in a north-westerly direction, between wide fields before turning north to run through steppe-like terrain, sparsely populated with wild pear trees. Running alongside the edge of a natural drainage channel, the route then reaches the “Jazzo Tarantini” a fine example of rural architecture where it is still possible to observe a “vagno” or large tank created to wash sheep before shearing. A little further on, the track enters an atmospheric coniferous wood that completely covers the higher ground known as Serra Cecibizzo. The trees are predominantly Aleppo pine and were originally planted in the 1950s. The route then proceeds to the edge of the woods in a north-easterly direction.

By road – exit the A14 autostrada at Trani and take the SP238 in the direction of Corato/Ruvo di Puglia/ Gravina in P. / Altamura. By air – the nearest airport is Bari Palese.

All year, except for the hottest months of July and August.

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