BICITALIA represents the network of national cycle routes, and promotes all aspects of ‘cycleability’ (excluding racing) as a sustainable means of transport, both within and outside the urban context.

BICITALIA is understood as a national network of cycle routes between different regions of the country and which also promotes connections with other countries.

Con BICITALIA is the development of a process begun with FIAB, with the CdS in 1991 and continued with Eurovelo in 1998 and which aims to extend to cover the whole country to a standard of excellence on a European level.

BICITALIA is in principle a cultural project which can only be realised through through the collaboration of many contributors and the FIAB plays a major role in the
success of this project. This project is therefore aimed at all the national and local institutions that are concerned with this material; Environment, Tourism, Transport and Public Works). Economic institutions; (ANCMA, employers in the tourism sector etc.) Local government organisations that may welcome the opportunities that the development of cycle tourism will
bring to their communities. The BICITALIA project represents today the most up to date development of the ‘national cycle route network’ project, as stated in the resolution of the
CIPE in February 2001. The “Jazzo Rosso –San Magno – Castel del Monte” cycle route crosses the BICITALIA BI 10 network, called Ciclovia dei Borboni, along the route from
Ruvo to Castel del Monte and which is indicated in the signage along the route.