L’Alta Murgia

The Alta Murgia region is best appreciated slowly. At the same gentle pace that over countless millennia has given shape to the singular geographical profile of the area, making it unique in the world and which may still be found in the traditional customs, activities and cuisine of its inhabitants. Every corner of this land deserves to be explored, observed and appreciated at its own natural rhythm. For these reasons, we have been chosen to be part of the CETS routes, which promote a zero-impact tourism based on cycling and walking itineraries. We have created seven dedicated routes, which not only include wonderful world heritage sights such as Castel del Monte, but also give the visitor an opportunity to appreciate the restorative calm and tranquility of hidden places, far from the distracting noises of the cities. A total of sixty five kilometres of cycleways crisscross the area, passing through different towns and villages, while various parts of the routes are particularly suitable for walking or horse riding. The CAM project also enables access to the cycle routes from towns outside the area and there are points of departure from the railway stations of Ruvo and Corato, which then connect with other routes in the system. The cycle routes follow the ancient and traditional ways through the landscape established by travellers and traders over the centuries. All this will be complemented by up to date information and technical advice which will enable the visitor to accurately plan his or her visit down to the last detail. Given your choice of an ecologically friendly holiday, we know that you will certainly appreciate the unique and precious qualities of our natural environment which we wish to share with you and know that we can count on your respect for the area. Enjoy the riding and walking, but above all, enjoy Alta Murgia!

Cesare Veronico
President of the Alta Murgia National Park