Recommendations for Mountain Bike

Travel by bicycle and in particular mountain bike, ensures access to areas of outstanding natural beauty without the noise and sound pollution that accompany motorised transport. Nevertheless, it is all too easy to disturb the natural environment if certain guidelines are not adhered to.

The following guidelines must be followed when using the cycle routes of the Alta Murgia National Park.


• stay within the group of up to fifteen cyclists;

• avoid leaving the group or the cycle route;

• keep to a moderate speed;

• do not leave any litter behind you;

• avoid any loud noises, particularly during the breeding season, as this may disturb the fauna of the Park;

• wear the cycle helmet and indicate any change of direction with arm signals;

• use appropriate illumination during the hours of darkness;

• ensure the correct maintenance of the bicycle and carry a first aid and bicycle repair kit

Note Well

This guidebook presumes that every participant in the cycle route system of the Alta Murgia will treat the natural habitat with the respect that it deserves. Discovering and exploring the Alta Murgia National Park through the intimate experience of ‘slow tourism’ is the perfect way to experience the welcoming qualities of the fascinating natural environment.