Cisterns, wella and snow storage

Water is a scarce and precious resource in the territory of the Alta Murgia. The low rainfall in the area and the karst geology ensure such efficient drainage that there are virtually no significant water courses in the area. However, some parts of the landscape do bear witness to the past presence of water, which is reflected in their place names: “Acquatetta, Pantano, Torrenti di Pisciulo” ecc. Throughout his presence in the area, man has always attempted to save and store as much rainwater as possible before it was absorbed by the earth. This need lead to the construction of underground cisterns, wells, surface tanks and also snow storage facilities. The water storage systems that were created throughout the Murgia became important focal points for the maintenance of certain plants and animals, thus preserving biodiversity.

Pozzo in agro di Corato (Foto di M. Cosi - S. Graziani)