Jazzo del Demonio

The Jazzo Scoparella, or “ of the demon”, is one of the architectural gems of rural Alta Murgia. Sited on a slope in order to avoid the collection of animal excrement and rainwater, the small-holding provides shelter for sheep and goats, which are divided by dry stone wall. These walls also feature jutting flat stones on the exterior, which prevented attack by wolves. The visual impact of the surroundings is increased by the large Downy oaks and by the imposing presence of a section of the Apulian Aqueduct. Near to the building may be found a small structure which served as a place for milking and shearing the animals. It is oval in form, with a rectangular central part enclosed by two semicircular structures. The higher structure, in which the herd was contained, has two passages which enabled the farmers to control the number of animals entering the central area where they would be milked or sheared. At the end of the operation, the animals would pass into the lower containment area.

Jazzo del Demonio, agro di Ruvo di Puglia (Foto di M. Cosi S. Graziani)