The necropolis of San Magno

Tomba a cisto, Necropoli di San Magno (Fonte internet)

The central part of the necropolis of San Magno, which comprises around one hundred tombs, extends from north to south for about two kilometres and east to west for approximately one kilometre. The structure of the tomb is cheifly tht of a central rectangular casket, enclosed by blocks and slabs of stone which, if not actual megalithic dolmen, certainly appear to derive from the dolmen tombs of the late Bronze Age (7th-6th century BC). Bronze and iron artefacts have been found within the tombs, as well as fragments of pottery, including a small eastern Greek  cup, found in tomb number twelve, which dates from the last quarter of the 7th and the first quarter of the 6th century BC. It is almost certainly an imported product, or at least a copy from the potteries of Metaponto or Siris.