Cycle Route

The cycle route “Jazzo Rosso – San Magno – Castel del Monte”, distance – 65 km and identified as CO1 AM ( Cycle Route 01 Alta Murgia), comprises the following itineraries listed here:
A: “Stazione di Ruvo di Puglia – Tratturello Regio”


B: “Tratturello Regio– Centro Visita Torre dei Guardiani”


C: “Centro Visita Torre dei Guardiani – Le Quite del Canale del Pidocchio”


D: “Stazione di Corato – Necropoli di S. Magno”


E: “Tratturello Regio– Necropoli di S. Magno”


F: “Chiesetta Neviera di S. Magno – Serra Cecibizzo”


G: “Serra Cecibizzo – Castel del Monte”



All the itineraries comprise the various qualities that this type of natural tourism may be expected to provide. The entire network is accessible by mountain bike. Many parts of the network are also accessible to normal road touring bicycles. In particular, the two routes connecting the railway stations of Ruvo di Puglia and Corato are asphalted public roads with a low traffic intensity and are easily accessible to all types of bicycle. Other sections of the network run along unpaved country roads and paths, which are suitable both for walking and for horse riding.

All sections which lie outside the general indications are described by : difficulty, time required, distance, inclination, departure point and directions on how to arrive there, the type of surfaces along the route and the percentage of non-asphalted road surface. The following pages show a map of the network and the identification of each route together with the altitudes above seal level.