Itinerary B


The route “ Tratturello Regio – Torre dei Guardiani Visitors’ Centre” follows the Tratturello Regio N. 19, a dirt road which runs along the northern margin of the Fenicia woods. Towards the south the woods give way to cultivated almond groves which are surrounded by dry stone walls. From this point, a narrow asphalted way that leads to the woods of Scoparella and to the “Jazzo” or protective small-holding of the same name. The way then continues in a south-easterly direction in the woods. To the north lies the tratturo that leads to the Jazzo Cortogigli. The woods in this area are more sparse and are sometimes punctuated by orchards and other plantations. The pleasant wooded scenery then opens into more cultivated areas given to the cultivation of small fields and almond orchards. Closer to the visitors’ centre of Torre dei Guardiani, the landscape changes again, revealing the ‘lama’ or channel known as “La Ferratella”, with the remains of the quite of Ruvo and the surviving dry stone walls.

By road – exit the A14 autostrada at Trani and take the SP238 in the direction of C RdiP and Gravina in P. / Altamura. By air – the nearest airport is Bari Palese.

All year, except for the hottest months of July and August.

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